Carrie and Adam's Wedding

Here's a list of who's staying at which hotel:

Driftwood [ map ]
Atlantic Terrace [ map ]
(631) 668-2050
Joan and Bob Frey Andrew Weinreich
Ken and Francie Borden Cliff Rosen
Nicole Berlyn Jay and Grace Sharfstein
Danielle Manello Anirudh Bansal and Sarah Hopkins
Keith and Elizabeth Wexelblatt Dan and Paulomi Katzive
Linda and Arnold Levine Andy Molinsky and Jen Hrabchak
Samantha and Richard Dawson Steve and Christina Rochlin
Wendy and Mike Cohenuram Ray Wheeler
Helen Siswein and Fred Stein David Ruddy and Penny
Phyllis Himelfarb Rusty and Lisa Wenk
Alvin and Pat Richman Candee and Scott Sureddin
Libby Richman and Brian Slocum Molly and Kevin Meyers
Joe and Sue Richman  
Matthew Richman and Kristin Bruce  
Steven Himelfarb  
Melissa and Rob Henderson  
Shannon and Ken Neville  
Courtney and Sean Ring  
Wendy Silverman  
Anne Elizabeth Crotty  
Stephanie Semones and George Henson  
Courtney Heenan and Laris Leimanis  
Robert Schwartz and Emily Bly  
Tricia Han and Miyuki Furtado  
Allison and Alex Wohl  
David and Joanne Bradley  
Grady, Joy and Kendra Larimer  
Alan Mears and Sandra Bremer  
Debra and Ari Bluman  

If you've figured out your lodging arrangements and want to be added to this list, please email us: