Carrie and Adam's Wedding

Map of the Area (including event locations and hotels)
Map of all Long Island
By Car

To Amagansett in general

From NYC to Amagansett
From Points North to Amagansett

To Rehearsal Dinner and Brunch

From NYC straight to Rehearsal Dinner
From the Driftwood and the Atlantic Terrace to the Rehearsal Dinner and Brunch

To Wedding

From the Driftwood to the Wedding
From the Atlantic Terrace to the Wedding

By Plane
By Train
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Basic Directions From NYC (2 1/4 hours) to Amagansett

Basic Directions from points North to Amagansett

Note: The Cross Sound Ferry cuts over to Long Island from New London, CT for all you Boston folks. I have no idea if it saves time or not, but you can ask: (860) 443-5281 or (631) 323-2525.


Straight to Rehearsal Dinner from NYC

To Rehearsal Dinner/Brunch From the Driftwood Hotel  [click here for Expedia map]

  • Go West on Route 27
  • Go about 9 miles (you'll pass through Amagansett)
  • Before you get to the windmill, make a right onto Old Accobonac Road (if you miss this turn, go past the windmill and make a u-turn, coming back on North Main Street)
  • Go under the train tracks
  • Make a left onto a little road with no name
  • Make a right onto North Main Street (Route 40)
  • Go 1/2 mile and road will fork - take the left fork and stay on Route 40 - which will now be call Three Mile Harbor Road
  • Go about 1 1/2 miles and the road will fork again - take the right fork (and stay on Three Mile Harbor Road)
  • Go about 3 miles and make a left onto Flaggy Hole Road
  • Go about 1/4 mile and at the fork, bear left onto Maidstone Park Road
  • Follow Maidstone Park Road past a baseball field (on your left), towards the water
  • Follow the road counter-clockwise around a big circle until you see an outdoor pavillion on your right
  • Park and come join the party



To Wedding From the Driftwood Hotel  [click here for Expedia map]

  • Go West on Route 27
  • Go about 4.5 miles
  • Left onto Surf drive
  • Go about 1/4 mile towards beach
  • Turn right onto Marine blvd
  • Go about 1/2 mile
  • 211 Marine Blvd is on left
  • For parking, find a spot on the street or about 200 yards before the house is a beach lot you can park in

To Rehearsal Dinner/Brunch from the Atlantic Terrace   [click here for Expedia map]

To Wedding from the Atlantic Terrace   [click here for Expedia map]

By Plane

You can fly into either Laguardia, JFK or Islip airport. They're all on Long Island.

Islip is the closest, but it's a pretty small airport, so most carriers don't go there.

Laguardia and JFK are about 2 and 1 1/2 hours drive away, respectively.

By Train

You can take the Long Island Railroad from Penn Station in NYC (at 32nd and 7th) on the Montauk line to various stops in the Hamptons (you usually have to change trains at Jamaica - just follow everyone else on your train).

By Bus

You can take the Hampton Jitney from various places in NYC to various stops in the Hamptons. (631) 283-4600.